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Anurag Nursing Home (ANH) is one of the most trusted and humble medical unit and over a period of three decades it has bloomed into a center which caters to a variety of specialties such as Maternity, Gynecology, Laparoscopic Surgery, Aesthetic surgery, Dentistry, Maxillo-facial / General Surgery & Neonatology.

We take pride in claiming that ANH is recognized as a baby friendly hospital in Navi Mumbai. This means that all the mothers who deliver here are actively trained to exclusively breast feed their babies. This ensures a happy and satisfied mother and baby and confers all the benefits of breast feeding to the baby.

ANH offers respectful maternity care to all the expectant mothers. This includes discussing all aspects of labor as a part of the Birth Plan; ensuring that the laboring mother is never left alone on her ow;, that she is always accompanied with a birth companion, which can be a senior relative or a friend with whom she is comfortable. Immediate skin-to-skin contact is practiced for all mother , whether the delivery is vaginal or a Caesarean to establish early mother-child bond and establish early breast feeding.

Painless Delivery or Epidural analgesia is offered to all laboring patients. All patients are encouraged to attend Epidural Classes where all information regarding the do’s and don’ts is provided. All labors are monitored with Electronic Fetal Monitoring to ensure fetal safety.

ANH was accredited with ISO 9001: 2000 Certification in 2006 and NABH in 2019. All gynecological surgeries, both open and laparoscopic , are conducted in our state-of-the-art Operation Theatres . There are two well equipped OTs with all the modern life saving gadgets.

anurag hospital
anurag hospital

Safety First is our tagline. Besides catering to Women’s health, ANH has also expanded in the field of Aesthetic Surgery. This department also offers post delivery body rejuvenation services. Clinique Aesthetica

anurag hospital

Two full fledged fully equipped Dental Procedures and Surgery rooms are also available in the premises. General dentistry and specialized care is all provided under one roof. It is a ONE STOP CENTER for all dental care. Casa Dentique

All our visiting doctors have 25-30 years experience in their respective fields and are experts par excellence . Patient’s safety is always given preference and all steps and checklists are done to ensure it. We have well trained Nursing Staff who are capable of handing any emergency and are very empathetic towards the needs of the patients. Similarly our ancillary staff is well trained and prompt. All nurses and paramedical staff are extremely courteous and friendly towards patients and their bystanders.

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We take pride in claiming that ANH is recognized as a baby friendly hospital in Navi Mumbai.

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